Wednesday, September 16, 2009

final photos

here are some photos. i have a monthly upload limit with flickr, so the rest will have to wait. the first slideshow is images of the journey of the dream catcher and the second is just a few random shots. if you double click the slideshows the images get bigger.

new york has treated me well, but i am heading south early tomorrow morning.

much love,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mobius strip

and I find myself back in NYC at my brother's computer.

I feel like all the followers of this blog deserve a well articulated reflection of my travels. Some insightful comments on how I have grown as a person and how I hope to incorporate these new experiences in my life.

I am going to disappoint all of you and simply detail my loose plan for the next few months and upload some images when I get a new cable to charge my camera.

I am hoping to arrive in NC mid month, and stay though oct.
the first week of nov. is still up for grabs with three different forces vying for it.
I intend on returning to MI around the 13th and promptly head up north to deer camp, but I will stay in the metro Detroit area through x-mas.

I hope to have a target city to move to in Jan. by x-mas. This decision will depend on if I am accepted to any artist residency programs or community service jobs.

much love!

I look forward to seeing all of you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

as the cars sped by

roma- finding the elusive evan, roman ruins, nuts and hot air balloons, produce, no bike

southern italy- parks, stray cats, heat

two ferries for the price of bankruptcy

Sicilia- brake dancers, buskers, hiphop performers, pizza

Malta- even hotter, fortress walls, buses, cliffs and rabbit hunters, fresh water friend, gozo and more ferries, azure window, old temples, distant cousin

Venice- canals and bridges, fellow travelers, masks, no maps, rain storm

Ljubljana, Slovenia- artist center, beer revelries

Wien- parks but no access to grass, music and club mate, Schiele and Klimt, turkish coffee house

Praha- metalwork and napping, clocks and bridges

Berlin- slack line friends, travelers crossing paths, berlin wall, shopping cart kids

Amsterdam- cooking!, more canals and bridges, fierce bikes, cafes or coffee shops

and now London with sleeping, skipping, swings and postrock

its the bare bones and im out of time.

much love!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


for me coming back to valencia feels like a pause. a breath of hot humid air... in a good way... think sauna. ha. honestly, being here is refreashing. today i barely left the apt. i slept until two in the afternoon, since there were no windows in my room, which i havent done in months. i washed myself and my clothes with more attention then they have recived in about a month. i made a simple veggie meal for myself with asian spicy peppers that i brought with me from ireland, while listening to international gypsy music. and well causually lazed about. i am relishing in the fact that i dont have to move to a new location and that im somewhere that feels familar.

my arrival was a suprise birthday present for hada, which vincent, bartok and i planed. i arrived with a red satin ribbon tied to my hat. she was delighted. interstingly the special birthday food was the spainish equivolant of wonder bread with nutella, which we ate on a public dock over looking a lake. i could have been in michigan if we had been speaking english. the weather was even uncommonly chilly.

it is also a bit surreal. it almost feels as if i didnt leave and the last month was the dream i had during my uncommonly long slumber. is it really july? has connor just left or is ze about to arrive? i touch the scar on my shin and wiggle my broken toe to remind myself that it really happened. oh how bodies are a quilt of lived experiances and linear time is an abstrat concept.

in retrospect i can not decide if the irish farm or the tree house community rates higher. im quite determined that my future with include both again. i idealize a future where i share a plot of land with tree houses and benders, full of radical kids shareing skills and ideas, i wake up with the sun and get excited about the subtle changes in my enviroment- fruit ripening, leaves decaying, the freezing or thawing of a near by creek. maybe leaving now and again to facilitate workshops and conferances... if i had no student loans i would not be searching for a job. oh america, you have cleverly shackled me to your capitalistic system... for a time.

but in my last months of freedom i have more adventures on my horizon. as soon as i hear from evan i will make my way to italy...

Monday, July 6, 2009


"you dont have to put on the red light..."

so we stayed on the farm for an extra week because it was excellent, plus the owner of the farm was out of town and we wanted to meet her after so many people had spoken highly of her. she was worth the wait. oh, how i adore elderly folks!

time was spent rescuing tomatoes that had been left to tangle on the ground, transplanting corn and cabbages and removing rainbowchard plants that were taller than me... and ferocious. we also built a recycling center and some firedragon viewing benches.

spain and italy are on my horizons.

much love.

Monday, June 22, 2009

rain chaps

brugge: oh sweet soggy goodness! belgium was full of rain and tree climbing, hmmm. connor and i climbed about 30 ft up in the air at night to sleep in luxerious tree houses. i fixed an old trundle sewing machine, made 15 vegan pizzas over a fire, sewed myself new pants from fabric i found buried, rode bikes and drank delicious beer.

dublin: was quick and dirty. we almost got traped in the city due to shisty publich transportation, but in our wanderings ended up at the oldest pub in ireland which is a stone throw from the guiness brewery. logically we stoped for a pint.

mogeely: this is the name of the small village where the farm is. connor and i are enchanted by the farm. it is a bit like the enviroment of brugge but on the ground. the grounds are organically organized and the projects harbor the same open creative energy. so far we have made a custom desk, three large planters, moved a bit of wood, dug a bit of dirt, prepared fire dragons for the summer solstice, and tons of tasty food. we are henna-ed with freshly cut hair and migrating tan lines.

alright my brain is melting from all this computer time. ha only about an hour, but after you step back from the inter-world, it is quite draining to use.

much love!

Sunday, June 7, 2009