Monday, June 22, 2009

rain chaps

brugge: oh sweet soggy goodness! belgium was full of rain and tree climbing, hmmm. connor and i climbed about 30 ft up in the air at night to sleep in luxerious tree houses. i fixed an old trundle sewing machine, made 15 vegan pizzas over a fire, sewed myself new pants from fabric i found buried, rode bikes and drank delicious beer.

dublin: was quick and dirty. we almost got traped in the city due to shisty publich transportation, but in our wanderings ended up at the oldest pub in ireland which is a stone throw from the guiness brewery. logically we stoped for a pint.

mogeely: this is the name of the small village where the farm is. connor and i are enchanted by the farm. it is a bit like the enviroment of brugge but on the ground. the grounds are organically organized and the projects harbor the same open creative energy. so far we have made a custom desk, three large planters, moved a bit of wood, dug a bit of dirt, prepared fire dragons for the summer solstice, and tons of tasty food. we are henna-ed with freshly cut hair and migrating tan lines.

alright my brain is melting from all this computer time. ha only about an hour, but after you step back from the inter-world, it is quite draining to use.

much love!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


the stink means your alive

Barcelona, southern france, geneva, zurich... and off to belguim tomorrow.

how do i start to recapture all of this?

i am still walking in spirals.
i miss speaking Spanish and start conversations with anyone i meet that knows the language, which here in geneva was a lifesaver.
the dali theatre museum was a mindfuck. i love it!
croissants and cheese are excellent in Switzerland.
i got to prune tomatoes and walk barefoot.
the alps and Pyrenees are beautiful from the road and i look forward to hiking them in the future.
off_pride was full of raw, honest depictions and discussions of queers. the burlesque show was a beautiful gender fuck with every type of body that is erased from typical media. my workshop went quite well.

i may not have access to internet in belgium until the 14th, so look out for news then!