Thursday, March 26, 2009

es un poco más honesto que normal

En respuesta a una pregunta de michal.

mi relaciones con la lengua de Español es caótico y tan este composición monstra, no termina desarollarse. algúnas días, me encanta la lengua y otras me la molesta. estaba emocionante cuando podría hablar con la pareja y la gente en general en valencia, pero este semana me sintio que jamas puedo comprederla.

las cosas optimistas:
hoy, he terminado mi primerio libro en español.
muchas veces, tenía los sueños con parte en español.
hace un mes, escribí una poeta en español.

las cosas pesimistas:
me echo de menos las sutilezas de una lengua.
muchas veces, me sintio que no haya las palabras para mi en este langua o no sé como la uso espresar exactamente quiero decir. sé que este es normal, pero estoy frastrado cada dia.
me sintio invisiable y por eso me sintia solitario.

vale. más manana. mi tiempo a la café de internet habrá terminado.


despues dos días pasado en fuengirola, tengo más decir. discutí las lenguas con una chica de Alemania. ella habla cuatro languas. primero, descutimos en español, pero por nuestros íngles fue más facíl. fue ironica porque descutímos como en el primero, una lengua nueva inhibe comunicación. en español, pudímos usar solo fraces sencillo y nuestros opiniones perdieron sus intensidad. en íngles, pudímos decir los ideas más elegantamente y con profundidad.

nunca tiempo suficiente...

vale. en fin, estoy emociando apreñder una lengua nuevo, por eso en la futuro puedo hablar con el mundo hispanohablante. no obstante, en este momente estoy incomodo y no tengo confidencia para mi meta.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cross cultural resonance

Valencia was too many shades of incredible.

Las Fallas was my kind of festival. lots of fire, lots of pyrotechnics and music in the streets. the big firework show lasted for 30 minutes and the whole time was filled with finale grade material or better. i have video and photos but as usual i am having trouble uploading them, below is a sneak preview. just imagine the best firework display you have seem times ten. also all day long there were salutes and other smaller noise displays in the street. this wasnt eve the main night. thursday for la crema, there was a parade that may have a Christan name but was completely pagen. people dressed as devils dancing with fire. there is a video of this too. the night ended with fires that were multiple stories high and more fireworks. ¡que perfecto!

i spent the rest of my week going to all the parks (discovering slumbering dragons), wandering the maze of streets and discovering lots of awesome graffiti, climbing all the tall 1000 year old towers, spending time in bookshops and comic book shops (oh the novelty of reading my favorite books n spanish) and going to an art museum.

i climbed this tree and took a nap.
Imagen 020

i also spent a lot of time with the couple who hosted me through the program "couch surfing." They were the most serendipitous part of my trip. i knew i was in the right place when i saw a roland barthes text on their shelf. i also knew how much of a theory dork i am. ha. they are both jazz musicians and eat pescatarian. thus my ears, mouth, and nose were delighted. we shared meals eating great food, listening to instrumental music and discussing the possibilities of non-verbal language formation. i managed to talk in depth about my thesis in Spanish, with a little help from them because they are learning english. also a friend of theirs is studying fashion and is working on a project with disabled folks. i hope to open communication with her and who know maybe i will manage to find a job in the fashion field here in spain, a thing i only had vague hopes about.

it was so refreshing to really connect with someone. i have been very lonely in ronda because for what ever reason i have not met people that i resonate with. but vincent, haba and i resonated with a cross cultural harmony, especially when we realized we are both followers of walter tompson´s sound painting orchestra. they actually trained with him. oh sweet envy and respect. there is just something about sharing a living space and daily rituals that bring people together. we cooked for each other. i walked their dog. i borrowed her pants. we celebrated our common humanity with awareness and desire to connect beyond the superficial level. i hope to know these people for years to come.

here is link to a video!

Monday, March 16, 2009

deliciously mundane

this post has been along time coming. i want to describe my average day.

i wake up between 7:30 and 8, which is 2 am your time (once daylight savings happens in Spain). I negotiate with the bidet, brush my teeth and get dressed. I have a relaxing breakfast with my host mom, everyday the same, part of a wheat baguette with olive oil and a kind of tomato pure/jam consistency ( i have never seen it in the states), with tea.

i walk across the bridge i have shown you pictures of and note the presence of clouds trapped in between the mountains. mornings are crisp and fresh.

school starts promptly at 9 am and for two hours my head spins with grammar. we have a 40 min. break at 11 am. which if it is not raining i spend on the roof top patio. (below are pictures of the street, entrance, center patio, the ceiling and the roof top patio with my view.) i have a snack of fruit and bread or yogurt, then head to my conversation class, where i learn more vocab words than i will ever remember and laugh a lot with my teacher who has a great sense of humor.

lunch is at 2:30 with my host mom and now the new women from Canada. after which i sometimes take a siesta or go draw in the park. the rest of my day is a mix of studying, talking to you folks on the Internet, reading on top of ruins, playing the new hacky-sac i made or general socializing with fellow students or Spaniards.

dinner is at 9:30, which is usually accompanied with a soccer game and the news, which i discuss with my host family. depending on the day evenings are tapas bars or making art in my room.

i move a much slower pace. it is refreshing. i have made time to do things just for the sake of doing them. for example once a week i make something. my fingers need to make things, usually sewn things. ha. my host mom thinks i´m a bit crazy, which is true...

i dont know why its not working, here is a link

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Una Pirata. ARRRRR!

Imagen 002Imagen 001

today I visited a waterfall that poured out of a massive cave called la cueva del gato. it looked like the perfect pirate hideout! the water was very high so we could not climb around, but when the water is low there are guided to tours to an impressive network of caverns. the coffee shop near by had photos, and it just so happens the the brother of my new Spanish friends is a guide, so hopefully that will be a future adventure.

these two kids seem pretty cool. they are adventure guides for kids in the summer, and are general outdoor enthusiasts. we have a bike trip planed in the future. hooray! they are learning English, so we move back and forth between the two languages a lot. today they were asking me questions in English and i answered in Spanish with out thinking. it is exciting.

my pronunciation is still awful! my quote of the week according to my classmates was, "diphthongs, they destroy me everyday." i have started reading a book in Spanish to try and practice, but oh man... i dont know i just dont see it, nor can i seem to put the emphasis on the correct syllable. now i wonder, do i have these same problems when i speak English?

Today i got my train tickets for my trip to Valencia, for Las Fallas, which is a giant firework and effigy burning festival in the name of San Jose (Saint Joesph). I sure in enjoy how Spaniards celebrate their religious holidays! I leave on St. Patrick´s day and will spend the whole weekend in Valencia.

p.s. im sorry the videos are sideways. i need to find a video editing program to fix them. it is on the list. i figured turning your head was better than no seeing them. they are from old posts. usually when i took pitures i took one video. have fun pairing them up!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

secret message

i went for a hike near ronda, and found a tower and some ruins that look like a bomb hit them years and years ago. it is intersting to find abandoned building that are also ruins. look out for the youtube video of the views form on top of the tower that the cool stairs lead to.

p.s. there is a secret tranny message in one of the photos.

Monday, March 2, 2009

birthday pie

it was quite a scavanger hunt to find the supplies to make this! ha.