Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Una Pirata. ARRRRR!

Imagen 002Imagen 001

today I visited a waterfall that poured out of a massive cave called la cueva del gato. it looked like the perfect pirate hideout! the water was very high so we could not climb around, but when the water is low there are guided to tours to an impressive network of caverns. the coffee shop near by had photos, and it just so happens the the brother of my new Spanish friends is a guide, so hopefully that will be a future adventure.

these two kids seem pretty cool. they are adventure guides for kids in the summer, and are general outdoor enthusiasts. we have a bike trip planed in the future. hooray! they are learning English, so we move back and forth between the two languages a lot. today they were asking me questions in English and i answered in Spanish with out thinking. it is exciting.

my pronunciation is still awful! my quote of the week according to my classmates was, "diphthongs, they destroy me everyday." i have started reading a book in Spanish to try and practice, but oh man... i dont know i just dont see it, nor can i seem to put the emphasis on the correct syllable. now i wonder, do i have these same problems when i speak English?

Today i got my train tickets for my trip to Valencia, for Las Fallas, which is a giant firework and effigy burning festival in the name of San Jose (Saint Joesph). I sure in enjoy how Spaniards celebrate their religious holidays! I leave on St. Patrick´s day and will spend the whole weekend in Valencia.

p.s. im sorry the videos are sideways. i need to find a video editing program to fix them. it is on the list. i figured turning your head was better than no seeing them. they are from old posts. usually when i took pitures i took one video. have fun pairing them up!


  1. tengo interes en tu relacion con la lengua. ?escribes en espanol mucho?
    estas en mi mente mucho <3

  2. So far all the photos I saw were not only beautiful but up straight, not sideways. By the way, I am Margarets sister, Aunt Lizzie.
    Your trip and the pace of it sounds like a dream.
    Being able to speak the language without having to think about it has to be a pretty cool high.