Monday, March 16, 2009

deliciously mundane

this post has been along time coming. i want to describe my average day.

i wake up between 7:30 and 8, which is 2 am your time (once daylight savings happens in Spain). I negotiate with the bidet, brush my teeth and get dressed. I have a relaxing breakfast with my host mom, everyday the same, part of a wheat baguette with olive oil and a kind of tomato pure/jam consistency ( i have never seen it in the states), with tea.

i walk across the bridge i have shown you pictures of and note the presence of clouds trapped in between the mountains. mornings are crisp and fresh.

school starts promptly at 9 am and for two hours my head spins with grammar. we have a 40 min. break at 11 am. which if it is not raining i spend on the roof top patio. (below are pictures of the street, entrance, center patio, the ceiling and the roof top patio with my view.) i have a snack of fruit and bread or yogurt, then head to my conversation class, where i learn more vocab words than i will ever remember and laugh a lot with my teacher who has a great sense of humor.

lunch is at 2:30 with my host mom and now the new women from Canada. after which i sometimes take a siesta or go draw in the park. the rest of my day is a mix of studying, talking to you folks on the Internet, reading on top of ruins, playing the new hacky-sac i made or general socializing with fellow students or Spaniards.

dinner is at 9:30, which is usually accompanied with a soccer game and the news, which i discuss with my host family. depending on the day evenings are tapas bars or making art in my room.

i move a much slower pace. it is refreshing. i have made time to do things just for the sake of doing them. for example once a week i make something. my fingers need to make things, usually sewn things. ha. my host mom thinks i´m a bit crazy, which is true...

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