Sunday, June 7, 2009

the stink means your alive

Barcelona, southern france, geneva, zurich... and off to belguim tomorrow.

how do i start to recapture all of this?

i am still walking in spirals.
i miss speaking Spanish and start conversations with anyone i meet that knows the language, which here in geneva was a lifesaver.
the dali theatre museum was a mindfuck. i love it!
croissants and cheese are excellent in Switzerland.
i got to prune tomatoes and walk barefoot.
the alps and Pyrenees are beautiful from the road and i look forward to hiking them in the future.
off_pride was full of raw, honest depictions and discussions of queers. the burlesque show was a beautiful gender fuck with every type of body that is erased from typical media. my workshop went quite well.

i may not have access to internet in belgium until the 14th, so look out for news then!

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