Saturday, April 4, 2009

we artists are important

today i experienced time in a grand and humbling way.

i visited la cueva de la pileta, which was surprisingly large even though we only toured the small section open to the public. we were in the cave for about an hour. it houses beautiful rock formations in made brilliantly colorful by the mineral deposits. (i knew the types but currently my brain is powered off)

there are some incredible Paleolithic and neolithic cave drawings, one that is unique is a large fish with a seal inside. the guide said that they think these people were part of the first group that crossed the straights from Africa.

a met a German kid who was biking Spain, and we laughed over how we were so impressed over the cave drawing that were estimated to be 2.5 million years old when that amount of time would measure only a small part of the towering stalagtights and stalagmites.

it was a a good day.

however now i am rather sick. i hope this post has some linguistic integrity because i cant think. the combination of my head swimming with sick and this person sitting next to me yelling in an unrecognizable language make any thoughts slow and jumbled.

i made fire cider and i am felling better than 2 hours ago, i hope by tomorrow my head and throat will have cleared.

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  1. wow, that is amazing. and the tendency to be amazed at the human element over the natural element is amusing, though also somewhat depressing. I am glad that you and the german person noticed this. :)