Saturday, April 25, 2009

hawked and happy

i post with word has been along time coming. sorry for punking out on blog updating, i hope to go back and explain the trips those last sets of pictures are from.

on to the string of positive events that began with hair clippers...

my conversation teacher let me borrow her clippers and with the help of a hair cutting novice i now sport my badger hawk again. its a very refreshing change.

received an incredible book in the mail and read savored it over two days.

i shared a meal and a movie (in spanish without subtitles!) with a canadian couchsurfing couple. because they are from Quebec spanish is easier than english, so i was pleased to find myself in animated spanish conversation for a good few hours.

there is an excellent arabic tea house here in ronda that was the setting for a friday night memory share.

today, i finally made it to a beach. it is not swimming weather, and actually it was rather cold and impressively windy. however, it was better in my opinion because no one was on the beach. i walked along the sand in the Mediterranean sea out to a rocky pier where the wind accosted me like a long lost lover. i stood out there for half an hour or so, just soaking up the positive energy. it was by far my favorite part of the day.

however, post-pier i found a Dalí statue garden! "elefante cosmico" is my new favorite Dalí piece. randomly, there was a bonsai tree museum in Marbella, so set out to find it. it was more of a walled in garden in the middle of a nice park, which i explored while waiting for the siesta hour to finish and the museum to re-open. bamboo really can grow just about every where. the museum housed some very impressive trees. the oldest was 450 yrs. old, with two 400 yr.old ones close behind. there was an excellent variety of types and ages from all over the world. i was the only one there so i indulged myself to converse with the trees about the history they had lived through.

i forgot my camera, which is bad luck for you guys but good for me because i ended up drawing all the things i found astounding.


  1. *grin*
    I'm envious of your tree encounter.

  2. *the wonders of google* Woah, elefante cosmico is a really cool statue...