Saturday, May 9, 2009

the devils hands

while reflecting on the last three months in spain, i was surprised to note how many things i have made in my free time.

-a peter pan costume with belt, hat and zipper side pouch
-a poco yo costume for a small child, which entails pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hat
-a 7 piece hacky sack
-converted a pair of old man pants into shorts, retaining the cuff
-extensively patched a pair of jeans
*note: i have no access to a sewing machine. thus my fingers are now well calloused*
-41 postcards and half a dozen letters/packages
-a wide range of sketches, from accordion players to deep fried fish heads
-and i just finished a formal drawing of my host family´s grandchildren, which is below. it is far from perfect, but i am satisfied considering the time and supplies. it is my thank you gift to them.

Imagen 030
Imagen 012

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