Wednesday, May 20, 2009

walking in spirals

my objective these last few days was to find other radicals, hopefully participate in thier projects and possible find a travel compainion for the trip to barcalona.

it was a beautiful bread crumb trail. the locations i found on the A yellow pages directed me to two small streets only one block long nestled in a tangle of others on opposites sides of town. monday night´s community center unearthing produced a semiformal (2h)lecture over european art and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries and a disscussion over a shared meal. excellent! it was a older crowd, but this also ment they spoke castellon and without much slang. i understood the whole lecture and manged to express some thoughts during the discussion. oh man was my brain tired that night.

yesterday i walked a giant spiral, which lead me through gardens, forgotten neighborhoods, a beach, a port, a small internet cafe, a university neighboorhood, what felt like the chelsea district, and then the same half adozen streets for the last hour as the spiral closed in on my end destination. (less poetic translation: i spent most of my day a bit lost but enjoying my wanderings) this day uncovered a radical community center with projects that need manual labor during the week and gender related activites this weekend. p.s. why are radical kids, in genral and well... in particular, extremly attractive? i know im bias because i adore extronectricites, but really... -sigh- it was a long 3 months in ronda.

today i have been offered the bike of Hada. sweet sweet boonies!

also the website for the Off_Pride festival, which i was calling a conferance because there are workshop, is up and now multiple langueges not just german. hooray! check it out: p.s. my workshop is called body conversations. ahhhh. im so excited that the fear just blends in as more adrenaline. i will be speaking about queers, bodies and sex; my three favorite public speaking topics! i swear my skin wont be able to contian me.

*love me and my inability to spell*

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