Sunday, May 17, 2009

and a ray of sunlight warms my lonely heart

oh valencia... ha. oh vincent and hada since i have not really spent much time in the city. of my last 36 hours here i have spent every minute with these two and of couse their dog, bartok. every delicious minute.

first and very important i ate a rice, vegetable soy dish with chopsticks. oh how i love vegitarians!

there was a big band concert that they performed in. after which, there was a comped dinner with the band and thier professors from the conservatorium. ha. where i toasted with the condutor over the positive effects of having sex while using drugs. he was attempting to make a joke that would make me uncomfortable and when i went with and one step further we bonded.

today i visited the sleeping dragon with bartok and we all had lunch with a few of their friends. my head is spinning because the whole time i have been speaking in spanish and listening to the valencian dialect. oh the range of topics, oh ideas complex and intertwined. i miss my metaphores! i miss using double antandras...

i miss you all. im also very glad to be here. i find this space revitalizing.

p.s. i also have no access to spell check or as it seems skype. ha. i barely have gmail.

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