Monday, February 2, 2009

clever is an understatment

HA! in order to update this blog i had to enable cookies for the blogger website, which i managed to do with all the computer´s menus in spanish.

i feel a bit crazy. the good kind, where you feel like your head has expanded past the know limit of your skull. the beauty is that past the know limit is only infinite possibilities.

Ronda is incredible. the town has about 35,000 people and is the size of downtown ashville or ferndale. it has two parts. the old town dates back to the 11th century, which monuments, fortresses, arabic bathes, mosques and bridges circa 13th and 14th century before the reconquesta. there are also churches circa 1700´s. today we had a tour of some of these places in spanish. i can tell you about them because i understood most of what was said. granted the tour guide was catering to us, a group only of students from my school with poor spanish.

the new part is still about 200 hundred years old. my family lives in the new part of ronda in a large apartment. however, there is no heat! instead they have heaters under the living room and kitchen tables with long thick table clothes to warm your feet and legs. currently the temperature ranges from 7-12 C degrees, so it is chilly all the time. the school also has no heat and no cozy tables. i´m very glad that i brought my coat, hat and scarf.

i can not really tell but i think my english is coming out strange. i feel like my sentences are shorter and simplified and i have to keep correcting my word order. this post is the most english i have interacted with in two days.

i will not have any pictures for a bit because i need to find the right cord to charge my camera. however, when i do you will be floored. ronda sits on a gorge and is surrounded by mountains. the two bridges i choose between, to go to school span that gorge. my view from school is distant farms, hills with sheep and mountains. my school is in an old moorish palace, so it has plazas, columns, roof top patios, a clay roof and tons of narrow steep stair cases.

here is my address:
Kegan Refalo
c/ Marques de Salvatierra, 8
P.O. Box 332
Ronda (Málaga)

i am figuring out all of my skype options. for now i can skype with video from 1:30- 2:30 est and i might be able to skype with only audio later in the day. fyi there is a six hour time difference here. email me your skype name and if you are available at that time. if not i have more time on weekends and we can schedule a time.

i hope all is well with all of you where ever you are.

miss you.

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  1. I'm speaking English at home with David and my English is still stupifyingly broken. It's the curse of living outside of an English speaking country. China was even worse for me than this, at least I got to speak Chinese and not just crappy broken English all day.

    Glad to hear you're out of the country and enjoying yourself in a new, awkward, and fun place!