Thursday, February 12, 2009

¡hace sol!

the sun came out and all was good in the world.

for the last two days the weather has been ideal. light breeze, tons of sun, moderate temps. thus, my sun light intake has increased. hooray! i feel much better.

truthfully, monday marked a nice change in my disposition. i started laughing at my mistakes instead of being frustrated by them. now i talk more than i talk. eh.

i have not set up an intercambios yet. purely procrastination. it is at the top of the list everyday... instead i have been walking and sitting around boone and looking. i drew a person playing the accordion today. we attracted a crowd of locals, who all wanted to see my drawing and compliment the accordion player. el acordionista toca muy buena. fyi i dont think acordionistia is a real Spanish word. i also met some German travelers, we might meet up later tonight.

i ended up hiking the gorge again and this time found a new path all the way down to the river. when it is swimming weather i have found my spot. it is very reminiscent of hebron but with more moss and unfortunately more thorns.

my ability to understand Spanish has increased as long as the person speaks slow. speaking is coming poco y poco (little by little). in general class has improved because now i can figure out what the teacher is trying to tell me and ask useful questions.

i am very grateful that i have an awesome host family. they talk to me all the time and seem genuinely intersted in what i am about even if they cant really figure out what im saying. my host father caught me drawing the oil container and was so excited that i could draw. he is very cute. oh, i just found out he has a motorcycle! i am going to see if he will take me for a ride. my host mother cooks incredible food for every meal. and believe it or not, more than i could ever finish. ha. i really couldnt ask for more.

until the next time...


  1. Excellent!
    "instead i have been walking and sitting around boone and looking."
    Boone, eh?

    Woah! interesting note for you! As I was typing this very comment, a person walked behind me and asked "Woah, is that Kegan?" I said yes, thinking they were referring to the computer page I was on, but they were referring to me, thinking that I was you (haha! Clones abound!). I said no, but coincidentally I was reading Kegan's blog.

    Small world, boyo.

  2. If, in any case, you seek to employ an accordionista to be drawn when you return, I just may be able to help you out.
    glad things are turning up for you, I'm lovin the bloggage. Miss you!!